Introduction to Bartending

A Beginners Guide Into the Exciting World of Bartending

Instructor: Mr Fermin Cho’c & Guest Instructors

Duration: 5 Days

Time: 9 am to 12 pm & 1 pm to 4:30 pm

Price: $300BZ – lunch is not included. The first 10 participants to apply and pay will enjoy BZ$50.00 off.


Course Outline

History of Bartending: This section of the course will allow participants to gain an appreciation for the art, as they will understand the origin and dynamic evolution of bartending.

Liquor Knowledge: You will learn the history of rum as well as different methods of its production. Additionally you will receive information about the rum traditions of the Caribbean and Central America and how Belize relates. You will also learn the basic composition of a standard bar (vodka, gin, tequila, whisky) and their pairing.

Mixology Tool KitBar Set up: What are Bar essentials? The participant will learn about necessary bar equipment, speed & accuracy, upselling and gratuity generating tips. Learn the most convenient and comprehensive way to set up a bar, the use of bar tools and their placement in your bar. It is of utmost importance to “get an order right” under any circumstance. It is unacceptable that a bartender serves erroneously and inefficiently.  You will be provided the necessary information so as to develop skills in speed and accuracy. Also you will learn how to graciously handle mistakes when they do occur.

Mixology 101: Mixology is the art of mixing drinks, you will learn 15 of the most popular drinks of the region as well as how to garnish, present and serve these.

Glassware: Each participant will learn the uses of each type of glassware and the importance to adhere to these standards and guidelines.

Wine Knowledge: Participants will learn the basics about wine, it’s history & origins, wine presentation & wine pairing.

Inventory Control: In this section, participants will learn to effectively maintain & control inventory. The instructor will create scenarios as well as briefly give an overview of different inventory formats. The participant will learn the importance of inventory as well as sizes and volume in liquor bottles.BIM Intro Cert

Beer Knowledge: In this section we travel to the Belikin plant in Ladyville, Belize, for an in depth view on all things beer, how it’s made, its history, different types, as well as sampling.

Alcohol Awareness: It is important for a Bartender to have basic knowledge in the laws that govern alcohol and its distribution as well as to be informed of the effects of alcohol and how to manage situations in which clients have overindulged. You will be instructed on recognition of signs of alcohol poisoning and the management of over intoxicated individuals.

Over-All: Important tips of being a good Bartender: Includes tricks of the trade, advice on dealing with critical comments from clients and superiors, How to keep your client entertained and enjoying his/her experience.

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