Advanced Bartending

An In Depth Guide Into the World of Mixology

Instructor: Mr Fermin Cho’c & Guest Instructors

Duration: 5 Days

Time: 9 am to 12 pm & 1 pm to 4:30 pm

Price: $450BZ – lunch is not included, except on day trip to Belikin. The first 10 participants to apply and pay will enjoy BZ$50.00 off.


Course Outline

History and Origin of Mixology: This will provide the participant an invaluable appreciation for the art of mixology and its evolution from bartending.

Alcohol Awareness: It is important for a Bartender to have basic knowledge in the laws that govern alcohol and its distribution as well as to be informed of the effects of alcohol and how to manage situations in which clients have overindulged. You will be instructed on recognition of signs of alcohol poisoning and the management of over intoxicated individuals.

Components of a Cocktail: You will leave this course with new and innovative ideas in the use of mixes and fresh ingredients, pairing them perfectly to make an outstanding cocktail.

Cocktail Compilation

The Art of Mixing Drinks: In this section each bartender will learn popular, modern and classic recipes as well as their presentation and pairing. The recipes will be presented in this manner 1.) Popular 2.) Modern 3.) Classic. By the end of the course you will be skilled in making 100 cocktails.

Making Drinkable Art: Each bartender will learn techniques of garnishing and presenting drinks as well as theBIM Adv Cert importance of “eye appeal”. A drink must be experienced by all the senses and the sense of sight captures ones attention.

All About Wine: This section deals with all things wine. The different types, how to pair with food, wine descriptions, opening and presenting wines etc.

Flair Bartending: In this section we will teach the basics of flair bartending. Your instructor will guide you in basic moves of flipping and juggling in fluid uninterrupted movements.

Beer: Participants get to travel to Belize City via boat where they are met by staff of Belikin. They are taken to the Belikin Plant for a full run down of Bowen’s products as well as sampling. This segment creates a deeper appreciation for Belize’s local beer. During this outing, a doctor will also conduct a segment on alcohol awareness.

Client Entertainment: Keeping your client entertained not only maximizes his experience but your gratuity as well.


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Making Drinkable Art